A symbol representing the blue rose.


Andrei Rublev, next to his paintings.

“Lord, may I never be anticipated, but may I always be understood.”


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"Art allows you to 
 imbue the truth 
 with a sort of magic... 
 so it can infiltrate 
 the psyches of more people, 
 including those who don't 
 believe the same things as you."

– Wangechi Mutu


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ambigram: a symbolic representation whose elements retain meaning when viewed or interpreted from a different direction, perspective, or orientation
asemic: having no meaning, specific semantic content
atelier: an artist/designer's studio/workshop
duende: a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity
kitsch: art perceived as naïve imitation, gratuitous, or of banal taste
metatextuality: when a work of art makes critical commentary on itself, or another text
omnificent: unlimited in creative power
rhopography: a depiction of subject matter considered insignificant or trivial

"We're always rationally explaining and articulating things. 
 But we're at our most intelligent in the moment 
 just before we start to explain or articulate. 

 Great art occurs-or doesn't-in that instant.

 What we turn to art for is precisely this moment, 
 when we “know” something (we feel it) 
 but can't articulate it 
 because it's too complex and multiple."

    - George Saunders



Soundtracks For The Blind by SWANS (Bandcamp/Youtube)
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2022-04-05: "Right now I'm going through some old art I did for a children's RPG I never finished, cleaning each piece up in order to either upload them to OGA or resurrect the project eventually. This has forced me to confront the fact that my art is way better now even though I can't mentally process that anything has changed since then. Why is my younger self less experienced than me? When did I get better at art? Why is kid me so bad at choosing colors? >_<" (Source)

from https://smallcamp.art/@tychi/107974447679813969

The only way to see the humanity of others 
is to see the humanity in yourself.

Express yourself, 
express yourself, 
express yourself.

If you repress yourself, 
you will resent the liberated, 
and you will want to oppress them.

Express yourself, please.

When others see, 
they will follow your lead.

No one needs hate. 
no one needs to die. 
no one needs to feel alone.

Normal is a lie.

Humanity is messy, but personal. 
Being vulnerable hurts,
and feeling powerful will never cure you.

You must accept yourself. 
If you need to change in order to do that, 
then just change and stop forcing an 
oppressive worldview that was handed down 
to you down onto others.

Express yourself.

Why is it you are feeling this way? 
Why is it you do what you do?

Can we work together 
to fix the bit inside you that hurts 
and will not stop screaming in agony?

You do not deserve to feel that way. 
you do not need to feel this way.

Express yourself.

Let it out.

Please, for the love of life, let it out.