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"I can only note that the past is beautiful 
 because one never realises an emotion at the time. 
 It expands later, and thus we don't have 
 complete emotions about the present, 
 only about the past."

    - Virginia Woolf

When Ena first beamed down to Earth, she landed in the household of two missionaries in Skopje, Macedonia. Since then, after eleven years of crossing the globe with her parents, she came to inhabit a dilapidated bedroom somewhere in the northeastern USA.

Her time is mainly spent on bringing more of what she finds beautiful into the world, through everything from software to stories, music to games.

This all came about when Ena first discovered Scratch as a bored 6-year-old who was still getting used to living in Gaziantep. Browsing the site, she downloaded (because this was back in the 1.x days) some games made with the program.

After miserably failing to beat any of them, she began editing the project source code to make the games easier/add cheats. This was Ena's first time programming, and the first time she showed this to her mom, she was rewarded with M&Ms.

Big fucking mistake.

Ena quickly went from hacking games made by 9-year-olds to making games as a 9-year-old. As a result, she began traversing cyberspace, trying to learn every skill that could help realize her games.

Eventually, after years of exclusively working with the program, Ena abandoned Scratch at age 12 in favor of the new tools she had discovered from this quasi-aimless wandering, such as Javascript, Python, and Godot.

Nowadays she has fallen and cannot get up, into all things bright and beautiful.