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The Deep

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!Wikipedia - The website.
Opinionated Guides


!Internet Archive - I take back what I said earlier, this is the website.
Internet Archive: Folkscanomy - A collection of books and text derived from the efforts of volunteers to make information as widely available as possible.
!Public Domain Review - God I fucken love this site, someone's gotta sift through the chaos of our past fr
Faded Page
UbuWeb - "The site is filled with the detritus and ephemera of great artists better known for other things...proposing a different sort of revisionist art history based on the peripheries of artistic production rather than on the perceived, hyped, or market-based center."
Curlie - The largest human-edited directory of the Web.
Dreamwidth - "We've taken the LiveJournal server code and updated, modernized, and streamlined it - and we make all of our changes available under an Open Source license."
The Eye - A non-profit, community driven platform dedicated to the archiving and long-term preservation of any and all digital heritage, obscura and ideas.
Weird Old Book Finder
Lieu - A search engine for the Merveilles webring! (Which this site is a part of, see that three-pronged ring icon down there?)
A Website Is a Room - "I came to this conclusion sometime during quarantine when I realized that certain websites give me a sense of shelter and rest more than others."
UMMA Exchange
Gallica - The digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France and its partners.
Digital Humanities


All My Names Know Your Leap: Surrealist Women & Their Challenge (Archive)



!XXIIVV - The first "personal wiki" I ever came across, back when I was like 14 and scrolling through random itch.io projects. Introduced me to lots of cool shit I probably wouldn't have found otherwise, and some of it's writings helped put into words many of the frustrations with computing that had been slowly bubbling up in my head for years beforehand.
Ritual Dust - "I am a multidisciplinary folk and fantasy artist interested in the transmission and creation of folklore, the magic of the land, and ancestral and communal knowledge."
Clarity Flowers - The personal wiki of a trans woman who makes games and music and software and art and writing and stuff. Sound familiar? :3
Everything I Know
Szymon Kaliski


The Satyr's Forest - Probably the most elaborate personal site I've ever encountered.
Cyber Moonflower - A small site that is confortably harsh to me, introduced me to some cool art stuff.
jes - the author's projects seem to have a consistent scatalogical theme -some hackernews user
JK Keller - Remember in the Future When we were Happy?
Incessant Pain - "I seem to get along best with middle-aged housewives. The best compliment I've received is "I think of you every time I pop a devastating ass pimple." My username is from a friend saying "I've been in pain for a while now" later used as a ringtone."
Let's Learn Together!
Wesley's Notebook
Paul Burgess - every blade of grass has its own angel


!Jacob Geller - Probably my favorite Youtube channel.


amateur: (one who loves) one who pursues an avocation independent from their source of income
ameliorate: to make/become better/more tolerable, improve
anthropomorphism: attributing distinctly human characteristics to nonhuman processes
bivious: offering a choice, having/leading two ways
dilettante: one who dabbles in an art or a field of knowledge
elegance: expressing the value of absence
enargeia: the quality of extreme vividness, radiance or present-ness; in rhetoric: a description so vivid it seems to conjure its subject into existence, so powerful it evokes the unbearable brightness of being
ersatz: made in/as imitation/substitute; artificial, especially of an inferior quality
inchoate: recently/just begun, incomplete, disordered/incoherent
parsimony: the quality of economy or frugality in the use of resources
phrontistery: a place for thinking/reflection/intellectual stimulation
polyvalent: having a number of different forms, purposes, meanings, aspects or principles
stochastic: involving/containing a random variable/process, conjectural
verschlimmbessern: trying to improve something but making it worse in the process



!Disco Elysium by ZA/UM (Site)
Nested by Orteil (Web)


They're Made out of Meat by Terry Bisson (Web)