A symbol representing the blue rose.

Digital Garden

Virtual garden storage centers, suspended over an infinite ocean.

A digital garden is a permanently work-in-progress collection of thoughts, ideas, highlights, annotations, quotes, summaries, and notes.

Digital gardens are tended to and evolve over time. Sometimes they grow, sometimes they get trimmed back. Though they change, they have the four-dimensional permanence of a river or Theseus’s Ship. This means that they lack the timestamped nature of a digital stream's points.

Like entangled roots and interwoven vines, the individual plants of digital gardens form a latticework of bi-directionally linked content that encourages bridging and pollination to further understanding.

A digital garden embodies the nature of working in public and learning out loud: Sharing your current understanding and allowing others to learn from it.

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The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral
Hypertext Gardens
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Digital Gardening Tools and Resources
Unbundling Tools For Thought

Terms of Service

This is my personal space for learning in public. I am a lifelong learner, and everything you see here is as much of a work-in-progress as I am. That means that what you read here is not authoritative or complete.

However, it is somewhat representative of my interests, and the current state of my knowledge. If you have the same interests, then this space is also yours to use as a reference.

Feedback and social sharing is welcome, for that is the whole point of being public!

Right to Be Wrong

I have a right to be wrong or incomplete in my Digital Garden, either due to scarcity of time or knowledge. Please do not hold this, or my readership, against me because I will keep learning. Everything in this garden is a living document and I will retract or rephrase things I no longer agree with.

Constructive Criticism

You are expressly welcome to comment on anything I write here, be it positive or negative. I will listen to you but I don't promise to agree with you. Please also suggest what else I should include, read, watch, or listen to, or tell me what you would have written instead.

Better yet, write your own version of what I wrote and publish it in your own garden. I'd love to read it!

Attribute, don't Plagiarize

Everything in this garden that is my own work (and not subject to other stated copyright terms) is licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Follow the license terms!

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Gardening Ground Rules

Do thy best to garden with responsibility, in order to increase the yield from thy labor!

Consideration of Others

Epistemic Disclosure

Response to Feedback

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