A symbol representing the blue rose.


A gathering of games that have made their mark on my brain.

My Favorite Games

In no particular order...

Death Stranding by Kojima Productions (PS4&5/Steam)
Yume Nikki by Kikiyama (Windows/Steam/Web)
Disco Elysium by ZA/UM (Site)
Brogue by Brian Walker (Linux)
Cosmology of Kyoto by Softedge (Win95)
Below The Root by Dale Disharoon (C64)
A Dark Room by Doublespeak Games (Web)
Captain Blood by ERE Informatique / Exxos (AtariST/Amiga/DOS/Macintosh/C64)
What Remains of Edith Finch by Giant Sparrow (Steam)
Nested by Orteil (Web)
The Oregon Trail, 5th Edition by The Learning Company (Win98/WinXP)
Undertale by Toby Fox (Steam)

Littler Games

Bitsy Favorites

On Tuesday, Trevor Found His Shovel by Ayolland (Web)
novena by Cecile Richard (Web)
In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines (Web)
A Field Guide to the Snails of Scull-in-the-Mud (Web)
The House of the Living by Fred Bednarski (Web)
The world had been sad since Tuesday by Fred Bednarski (Web)
almanac of girlswampwar territory & the _girls who swim as fertilizer through the warm soil cloaking the roots of the glorious tree of eugenics (giving birth to a black hole in a walmart parking lot at 1am) by Porpentine (Web)
Thrall of the Dying Sun by Porpentine (Web)
Empedocles' Bones by Sraƫka-Lillian (Web)
The Adamant Gambit (Web)
Raining Cats and Dogs by William John Holly (Web)
A Captain's Lonely 60 Days by YELLOW ATTIC (Web)

Flash Favorites

Fisher Diver by Eli Pilonen (Flash)
This Is A Work Of Fiction by Eli Pilonen (Flash)
The Majesty of Colors by Gregory Avery-Wier (Flash/Itch/Steam)
Looming by Gregory Avery-Wier (Flash)
The Book of Living Magic by Jonas Kryzartes (Flash)
The Fabulous Screech by Jonas Kryzartes (Flash)
The Infinite Ocean by Jonas Kryzartes (Flash)
Ancient Greek Punishments by Pippin Barr (Flash)
Copycat by Terry Canavagh (Flash)
Don't Look Back by Terry Canavagh (Flash)
GRAB THEM BY THE EYES by Terry Canavagh (Flash)
Tiny Heist by Terry Canavagh (Flash)

7DRL Favorites

Arachne by PNJeffries (Itch)
Pinball Dungeon by jtolmar (Itch)
Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait (Site)
Lurk, Leap, Loot (2023 7DRL) by James McNeill, spillz (Itch)
Swift Swurd by Neil Thapen (Itch)
DEAD FACE by jere (Itch)

Twine Favorites

Solarium by Alan DeNiro (Web)
Seedship by John Ayliff (Web)
my father's long, long legs by Michael Lutz (Web)
Howling Dogs by Porpentine (Web)
The Axolotl Project by Samantha Vick (Web)
Horse Master by Tom McHenry (Web)

Inform Favorites

Superluminal Vagrant Twin by C.E.J. Pacian (IFDB)
Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince by C.E.J. Pacian (IFDB)
SHADE by Andrew Plotkin (IFDB)
Galatea by Emily Short (IFDB)

ZZT Favorites

Sixteen Easy Pieces by Flimsy Parkins (ZZT)
Nightmare by Barjesse (ZZT)