A symbol representing the blue rose.


A friendly shark!

Welcome to my internet playground! <3

Forewarning 1: WIP

"It writhes in inconsistency!"

This site is in a constant state of flux, and the vast majority of what you will encounter within is in various stages of completion, fraught with all manner of grammatical errors, broken links, and outdated writing conventions.

But hey, such is the nature of a digital garden...

Forewarning 2: Favorites

Do you find yourself on a page with many links to other websites on it?

A page that lists lots of things?

Don't panic! That which I personally like best will generally be highlighted with an !, so you always have a place to start.

Forewarning 3: Credits

Want to know where an image on my site came from? In most cases, you can simply mouse over it and read it's title, which will contain whatever information I currently have about the original. Try it on the friendly shark above!

Because I can't do this with this site's fonts, I'll just tell you here that this site uses Crystopia, Binchotan Sharp, and Nimbus Sans (only if you have it on your device).

Finally, the detondev.com domain is currently being provided by the very cool Patrik Arvidsson until I am in a position where owning the domain wouldn't out me to my parents.

Forewarning 4: Content Warning

There's a fair amount of potentially distressing (and also NSFW) topics and imagery on this site, and I'm not fully settled on how to warn of it ahead of time, but you should generally be able to guess just by the hyperlink what's around the corner.

Also, while you should assume this by default for all sites, I want to be clear that the presence of a link on my site does not necessarily mean I endorse any of it's content. Perhaps I only keep it around for just a specific part I haven't yet found elsewere and not the whole site, perhaps I wish to present it in a different context than what it's authors intended, or maybe I just straight up haven't even really looked at it yet and am only saving it to review in the future. I do that type of shit all the time!