A symbol representing the blue rose.


'The Gates to Heaven, staffed by a three-headed alien.'

"There's a trillion aliens cooler than you..."

For surviving conversations with Mom, I suppose.

Trans Christianity


Early Christian Writings
Girl & Snake
The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible


agonyclite: heretical sect listed by St John of Damascus (On Heresies, 8th cent.) but otherwise unknown, supposed to pray standing rather than kneeling
antediluvian: before the Flood
eschaton: climax of history, following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives
yuletide: the Christmas season




The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles by Psalters (Bandcamp)
Through the Deep, Dark Valley by The Oh Hellos (Bandcamp)
Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos (Bandcamp)


From God's Perspective by Bo Burnham (Youtube)
!How Much A Dollar Cost by Kendrick Lamar (Youtube)
This World is Not My Home by Anonymous (Ben Babbit version)
!Yesu Ka Mkwebaze by Noviciat des Soeurs Missionnaires de Notre-Dame d'Afrique (Youtube/Youtube (alt))
Lord, Have Mercy (Gospodi, pomiluj) by Anonymous (ccMixter/Youtube)



Commentary on the Apocalypse by Beatus of LiƩbana (Wikimedia)


Moral Orel by Dino Stamatopoulos (Archive (Season 1), (Season 2), (Season 3))

Q: How do you make holy water?
A: You take ordinary water and boil the hell out of it.


2022-07-17: "my parents dragged me along to church with them and the pastor just gave a sermon where he used the fucking emoji movie as an analogy throughout the whole thing wtf" (Source)

2020-10-03: "My mom, at dinner: reads all the parts of the bible that say being LGBTQ+ is bad Me, closeted: trying not to be "suspicious"" (Source)