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Three wolves howl at the full moon in unison.

"All the evidence suggests that communication 
 between people by whatever means, 
 far from simply accomplishing its purpose, 
 simply creates the need for more."  

- John Brooks, "Xerox Xerox Xerox Xerox", 
  The New Yorker; March 25, 1967




  1. Focus exclusively on what person is saying.
  2. Confirm that what you think they said is what they said.
  3. Identify how they feel about what they said.


The most important component is the acknowledgement of responsibility, and the least important component is the request for forgiveness.


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accismus: feigned indifference/refusal of what one desires
dialogic: of or pertaining to dialogue; the use of conversation or shared dialogue to explore the meaning of something
discursive: covering a wide field of subjects, passing from one thing to another, rambling, roving, digressive, desultory
dissensus: the deliberate avoidance of consensus
intransigence: refusal to change one's views or to agree about something
jactitation: a false boast/claim, esp. one detrimental to another's interests, boasting
lilt: the characteristic rising and descension of one’s voice when speaking
mendacious: lying, untruthful, dishonest, false
monologic: of or pertaining to a monologue; one entity with all the information simply giving it to others without exploration/clarification of meaning through discussion
mu: your question cannot be answered because it depends on incorrect assumptions
multivocal: having many different interpretations, meanings, or values
nerts: expression of dismay/disgust/contempt/refusal/nonsense, alteration of "nuts"
piffle: to talk or act in a trivial, inept, or ineffective way, trivial nonsense
riposte: a retaliatory action, maneuver, or retort
soliloquy: a monologue addressed to oneself, thoughts spoken out loud without addressing another
tacit: understood or implied without being stated



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