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Sad Youtube
Umlaut Machine
Ultima Ratio Project
The Cyberpunk Project (mirror)
Experiment With Nature
Guerrilla Gardening
Doom for Dummies
!WIPP Info
How Complex Systems Fail
The Merveilles Sensibility
Electric Archaeology
!Alleged Pepsi 2009 logo design document
World Dream Bank
Goblin Tools
chateaubriand in space (Archive)
Eric Myer's Actors Resource (Archive)
Erica Rivera
Conjuring Archive


"To lift Quibi employees' spirits, The Wall 
 Street Journal reported that Katzenberg told 
 them to listen to "Get Back Up Again" from 
 the movie Trolls during a video call 
 announcing the company's closure."

    - Jeffery Katzenberg's Wikipedia Article
      (as of June 2024)

internet princess: standing on the shoulders of complex female characters
Wikipedia: Geli Raubal
New York Mag: I Am My Own Wife
Inverse: I have one of the most advanced prosthetic arms in the world — and I hate it
Rolling Stone: The Sky Thief
People: Body of a Man Missing for 10 Years Found Behind Refrigerator at the Supermarket Where He Worked
UPI: D.J.'s mummified body found in club wall
Ars Technica: Convicted murderer, filesystem creator writes of regrets to Linux list


Wikipedia: Bokito
Wikipedia: Death of Corrie McKeague
Wikipedia: Charles Whitman
Wikipedia: Manacled Mormon case

Online Fiction

!SCP Wiki
Orion's Arm (Best of Orion's Arm)
Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
Reddit: Mother Horse Eyes
Mystery Flesh Pit National Park


bandeau: a strip of cloth worn around the head to hold the hair back from the face / a style of top consisting of a strip of material that fits around the chest, with no straps or sleeves
bishonen (美少年): a young man whose beauty "transcends the boundary of gender/sexual orientation"
chignon: roll or twist of hair worn at the nape of the neck; a bun
doula: support person, who may not have medical or midwifery training, who provides emotional assistance to a pregnant mother/couple before, during or after childbirth
exculpate: to clear from alleged fault/guilt, to relieve of blame, to acquit/exonerate
gematria: a cipher that assigns numerical value to a word, name, or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other
guerrilla gardening: gardening on land that one does not have the legal right to cultivate
gümüşservi: (silver cypress) the glittering appearance of the moon reflected in water
hyggelig: everything caring, friendly, safe and snuggly
imbrue: to saturate, stain
inimical: hostile, harmful in effect, adverse, unfriendly
insipid: lacking in flavor/zest/qualities that excite/stimulate/interest, dull
invidious: tending to rouse ill will, animosity, resentment
kohl: ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding stibnite for use similar to that of charcoal in mascara. typically used as eyeliner to contour and/or darken the eyelids
languid: listless, lacking energy, slow moving, showing little-to-no vitality/animation
liquescent: becoming, tending to become liquid
narcosis: condition of deep stupor or unconsciousness produced by a narcotic
nemaline: having the form of threads, fibrous
nyctograph: device for recording ideas at night
occluding: closed off, obstructing, preventing the passage of, absorbing
octothorpe: #
profligate: given to wildly extravagant and grossly self-indulgent expenditure/reckless waste
quark: an elementary subatomic particle which forms matter
selenic: of, pertaining to or containing selenium
soliton: a self-reinforcing wave packet that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity
transvolation: flying beyond, across, higher than what is normal


2020-08-21: "I should get back to working on my website. I still don't know how to balance minimalism, elegance, and practicality with creativity, fun, and adventure when designing it. I value both too much!" (from my diary)


2022-10-28: "I just arrived at my grandparents' home after a very long road trip with my dad. My visits here are quite pleasant! This is mostly because the room I stay in hasn't been changed in any way for ages and therefore feels haunted by the spirit of a 90s teenage girl. It also hosts paintings created by 3 different generations of my family, and the air conditioner isn't completely broken like my room back at home. Both nice bonuses! ^_^" (Source)

2022-08-05: "I've just arrived at my grandparent's home, after a long road trip with my dad and my older brother. On the way, we got caught in one of the more intense rain-storms I've experienced in my life. The radio was tuned to a classical music channel, and the song that was on was "The Sea" by Frank Bridge. I swear, this was synced up to the whole experience :D" (Source)

2020-10-16: "my grandad is nerding out about tea and i am here for it" (Source)